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2021-22 Board Members

OfficeName email prefix
PresidentDonna Offenbecher president
Vice President(open) vicepresident
Newcomers ChairChristina Myers newcomers
Interest Groups ChairAnn Long interestgroups
Assistant Interest Groups ChairSally and Steve Zahos asstinterestgroups
Recording SecretaryCarl Altstetter recordingsecretary
Corresponding SecretaryAlice Taylor correspondsecretary
TreasurerBob Davis treasurer
Assistant Treasurer(open) assttreasurer
Budget ChairKathy Valdés budget
Meeting ManagersJane Myers and Kristine Chalifoux meetingmanager
Membership/Directory ChairJudith Robinson membership
Assistant Membership ChairKathleen Weibel asstmembership
Communications/Newsletter Co-ChairsChristine Lyke and Susan Haney communications
Scholarship ChairJoyce Wright scholarship
Assistant Scholarship ChairMatthew Macomber asstscholarship
Sustaining Member(s)
Past President Linda Lopez pastpresident
Appointed Positions
HistorianMary Hodson historian
Reservations ManagerLori Choquette reservations
Tour DirectorsPat Cardenas and Lynn Kelly tours
WebmasterMike Haney webmaster
Assistant WebmasterAnn Campbell webmaster
Scholarship Committee Sandy Camargo, Roy Campbell, Lori Choquette, Anne Heiles, Sarah Little, Christina Myers, Kathy Valdés scholarshipcmte

Past Presidents

The Illinois Club Constitution

The Illinois Club CONSTITUTION can be read here.

Expense and Reimbursement Policy

(approved by the TIC Board Aug 25, 2014)

No purchase will be made by any Member on behalf of the Club above $1,000 unless

  1. the purchase item is included in a specific line item in the Budget, or
  2. it has prior approval from the Board.
Purchase Documentation forms are due within 60 days of the expense and not later than 15 days after the end of the fiscal year (Fiscal year ends on June 30) with receipts. Expense reports not submitted within 60 days of the date of expense may be paid only if submitted with a written explanation for the late submission of the report. The Treasurer must approve late reimbursement requests. The Purchase Documentation form must have an appropriate level of detail to show that the expenses are reasonable and appropriate and that the reimbursement request was handled in a timely manner. The form must be filled out completely, signed and dated.

Order/Purchase Documentation

This form (pdf) is for reimbursement and should be returned with receipts to the treasurer either by e-mail ("treasurer") or snail mail.

The Illinois Club Board Meeting Details

All meetings are at 7:00 PM (unless indicated otherwise...)

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